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Candis Hickman
personal training Kennesaw GA testimonials

"When I met Charles I had been a self-professed gym junkie for about 3 years and an exercise enthusiast most of my life. I ate a relatively healthy diet, lifted weights and occasionally did some light cardio. I wasn't in love with my body, but I was relatively satisfied. I didn't look like the girls in the magazines but really...who does? My goal was mostly to be healthy, but after years of working out with only minimal changes to my physical appearance I decided it was time to reach my full potential. I wanted to see a transformation! And I wanted a time-bound goal. The allure of the competition stage got to me, so I began working with Charles in the hopes of transforming my body. On our first session together I expressed some hesitation about adhering to the strict diet plan Charles had formulated for me, and he very bluntly replied 'If you don't want to do the work then please don't waste your money. I might not be the coach for you.' Fortunate for him, I respond well to tough love. The next 4 months were full of hard work, frustration, set-backs and serious gains; and Charles was there every step of the way. He gave me detailed guidance on my form during exercises, provided guidelines for meal preparation, was intentional about checking in on my progress, celebrated my achievements and provided support and encouragement. What I loved most about working with Charles was his total dedication and enjoyment of his craft. He is not the trainer that sits on the bench watching his clients whilst texting on his cell phone; nor is he the trainer that follows his clients around with a look of disinterest. He is a great motivator and an active participant of the process. His advice is grounded in knowledge and experience. Charles is a world-class trainer and an all-round amazing person. If you are looking for a trainer who can guide you towards solid results then look no further!"

Cynthia Gomez
personal training Kennesaw GA testimonials

I am a National Qualified Bikini Competitor. Meeting Charles Thornton was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I was referred to Charles after a failed attempt to prep for a show with a “trainer” I met at the the Gym. By “trainer” I mean someone who approached me mid-workout and asked if I ever thought about competing. Long story short, that relationship did not last because I was looking for someone more professional. I was 8 weeks out of my first NPC Bikini competition when Charles took me under his wing. We did everything we could in that time frame to prepare me for the show. He taught me everything there was to know about competing and made it such a pleasant experience. So much that now, I can’t stop doing shows! I have competed in a total of 3 shows within the past year. Two of which Charles fully prepped me and I placed top 5 in, qualifying me for National shows. The personal drive that he has is contagious. It shows in every one of his athletes. I’m not sure where my career will take me in this industry, but I am comfortable knowing Charles is by my side the entire time. He has pushed my limits in every way possible. I am proud to be part of a team that strives for success and is built off hard work ethic. I am ThorStrength!"

Helina Washkowia
personal training Kennesaw GA testimonials

"I began working with Charles when I was looking to change my ways and become more confident with my self -image. Charles began by listening to what my goals were and talking me through how I can achieve them. During each and every session, he kept me motivated and pushed me to continue bettering myself mentally and physically. Not only was he a great trainer for helping me lose weight and meet my goals but he helped teach me how to change my lifestyle for the better so that I would always be able to push myself further than I ever thought possible."

Dale Q. Williams MBA
personal training Kennesaw GA testimonials

"Let me start by providing a bit of background on myself to provide a frame of reference for these thoughts: I've been into sports 'heavy' my entire life. From playing Pop Warner football to collegiate lacrosse and football - sports have been ingrained into my DNA. As a result, I truly thought 1) I knew how to lift, 2) I generally knew how to eat well and 3) overall, I knew how to train. I began to stop seeing the gains that I desired and eventually developed the courage to ask for help. Charles was/is that help. Many of us who attend the gym or maybe even know how to do a hang clean or several other exercises, lose sight of just how deep the specialty of training goes. This man Charles, eats, drinks and breathes training. I mean lifting, dieting, cardio, stretching/everything. The expertise and delivery of it is done so seamlessly it's hardly a change made to your day. I know you've heard this before, but he truly helps you train SMARTER. After working with him, you may end up dedicating the same amount of time training as you did pre-Charles; HOWEVER, you look completely different. Give it a shot - what's the worst that can happen..."

Derek Wolken
personal training Kennesaw GA testimonials

"I have always set lofty goals for myself, and my fitness goals were no different. Charles was the most important factor in helping me achieve my goals. From the second I said I was all in with his plan, Charles was all in as well. He gave me all of the tools I needed to succeed. He drove home the fact that a combination of diet and the right exercise is integral to a fitness program. By following Charles’ meal plan and exercise routine, I quickly shed fat and gained muscle mass. At the end of three months, I had lost 90 pounds! I weighed what I weighed my freshman year of high school. I could not have achieved my goals of a healthier, fitter, and better feeling me without Charles. He cares greatly about the people he works with and invests wholly in their goals. I would not choose another trainer in Chicago if I had any fitness goal I wanted to pursue."

Michelle Glover
personal training Kennesaw GA testimonials

"I have been a member at Xsport Fitness for a while. I had a personal trainer that ended up leaving the company right before the Get Fit Challenge started. I was recommend to Charles for my new trainer. I was informed if I wanted to win the challenge and see results, he is who I needed. This was a 12 week challenge. Charles and I trained twice a week. He devoted his time to me. He set up my nutrition plan, my workouts, as well as my great motivation. He is an encouraging coach with wonderful guidance . I ended up loosing 77 pounds within 12 weeks and winning the competition! These 12 weeks were the best 12 weeks of my life. I learned healthy eating habits, the correct way of weight lifting, great determination, and self discipline. I would highly recommend Charles to anyone who wants to get results. You will not only look great but you will feel great too. Charles' heart and soul are into helping you achieve your goals. He is truly one of a kind that will be there for you all along the way, and push you to do the best you can possibly do."

Christopher Schroeder
personal training Kennesaw GA testimonials

I was out of shape, overweight (almost 250 pounds) and really bad with my eating habits… I was looking for a change, I started to work out, and noticed that I wasn’t really making the kind of progress that I was looking for. When I met up with Jon for the first time, we sat and went over the things I was trying to do on my own. I knew I needed some guidance. We started by reviewing my diet, measuring my stats and putting together a meal plan and a solid workout program that allowed me to start seeing results in a reasonable amount of time. The plan we put together and the constant motivation never made it seem like I was forcing myself to do anything I didn’t want to, it was a good transition into a healthy lifestyle. Within 3 months I dropped from a heavy 240+ lbs to a min of 187lbs…

personal training Kennesaw GA testimonials

I have researched and interviewed many trainers on the north side of Chicago and found Charles Thornton who stands above his peers. I’ve been training with Charles for the past 14 months and it has been life changing for me. A little about myself: I’m 5’7”, 48 years old, and weighed 180 lbs (My college weight was 145 pounds) I’ve been very fortunate my whole life where I was able to eat and drink anything I wanted with carrying my weight in all the right places without any exercise. Now quickly approaching the big 5-0, life caught up to me and I retained 35 unwanted pounds with 27% body fat. It was obvious, I was out of shape and I didn’t like how felt about myself and I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. I was ready for a change! After meeting Charles, I knew he was the right trainer for me. The first part of training was a general fitness assessment and a sit-down to talk about my day-to-day routine. Once Charles knew I was ready to make real changes regarding my health, he taught me the proper way to exercise with the balance of strength training, cardio, and nutrition. As I incorporated these techniques, the weight came off and stayed off. I’ve become addicted to exercising 5-6 days per week. Thank you Charles for your motivation and inspiration!

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