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Personal Training:

Work 1 on 1 with our certified personal trainers to create, perfect and build out a program to help you reach your fitness goals. Using our hands on guidance we will work to create custom one on one sessions tailored to your fitness level. Sessions offered for 30 mins to 1 hour. Times are set with your trainer.


Small Group Training:

Are you looking to burn fat, build muscle and increase strength and stamina? Have you been busting your butt in the gym, tracking but you just aren’t seeing the results? Is eating more protein the answer? Maybe you’ll try a fancy training program that guarantees to get you results in 4 weeks. What will work? The key to your success is having a custom training program designed solely for you. Find out what sets Thorstrength Fitness apart from other group fitness classes.

In a nutshell the word “group” only refers to shared space and times offered for these small group classes. 1-2 trainers are present at all classes times given, correcting form and overseeing everyone’s workout. The strength training program you will follow is custom built for you with concern to your fitness goals/ needs. We require an assessment with an In-body scan in order to build out your program efficiently. No one will have the same workouts because not everyone needs help in the same areas. We all have areas of concern when it comes to our body composition so the program we design will be based off of your statistics only. Our Group Class times are offered at: 7am 10am 5pm 6pm. Sign up via the app once a TF member choosing the best class time that suits your schedule, and let’s get started building the best version of you!

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Private Gym Membership:

Gain access to our world class studio boutique! Memberships are offered at an affordable price granting you access to our state of the art facility designed to give everyone the ultimate training experience!


Fitness Assessment:

What’s included?

-A certified professional assessment of your current fitness level

-An In-body composition Scan that prints out a result sheet for your records  

- A Quick 1 on 1 workout circuit to assess your level of fitness

- Overview of cardio and equipment use

-Timeline suggestion to achieve your personal fitness goal

-Nutrition, Training program and Supplement recommendation to get your there

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Private Studio Bookings:  

Ever dream of having an ENTIRE gym space to yourself? Whether your hosting a class, fitness event, photo shoot or birthday our studio gym boutique will be sure to not disappoint! Rent out the entire space to bring your vision to life! Consultation needed in order to discuss event, timeline and date requested.


In- Body Scans:

Thorstrength Fitness has an onsite In body Scan machine located in our training facility. Scanning goes beyond the scale with the In body test. A non-invasive, quick an accurate test analysis’s your statistics breaking down your body composition in terms of muscle, fat and water. The In body machine once scanned prints a result sheet in 30-60 seconds! Precise results you can trust to reach your health and fitness goals. No more shooting in the dark when it comes to starting, progressing and building! Click the link below to schedule your assessment today!

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Online Coaching:

Our online coaching consist of workouts and or nutrition all controlled via our app. Gain access to our online community granting you exclusive access to custom workouts, exercises, nutritional recipes, lifestyle tips and more!

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