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My name is Khendal Capers a Certified Personal Trainer carrying a Bachelor of Science (B.S) with a major in Health and Community Wellness. I actively compete in the NPC Bikini Division for competitive bodybuilding and enjoy every moment of it! I've dedicated my extreme learnings to helping individuals build the gap between FAD diets vs making a LIFESTYLE change. There's an elusive balance between eating well and enjoying your life, working out and properly training. Navigating through our food and fitness culture can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be. Together we will work together as we aim to strike this temporary style of fad dieting reprogramming sustainable healthy habits while we build great quality muscle to provide you longevity of life.


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Charles and Khendal are the superheroes you didn’t know you were missing in your health and fitness journey! My husband and I joined a little over 6 months ago and our health and wellness has transformed. Collectively, we have lost ~60 pounds, but even better than that, we feel great! This team coaches the whole person and the time, energy and dedication they have to their clients and practice is unmatched. They are real people and don’t encourage perfection, but balance and sustainable lifestyles. We have finally found our home!

Kelley & Allen Seibert:


Transformation Photos  

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